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M-Tech®F - Dispenser

M-Tech®F Dispensers are robust dispensing containers for M-Tech®F Boxes and FlatPacks. They are made of galvanised sheet steel and have space to store four individual packages. Materials can be quickly and easily removed and refilled.


The Dispensers are available for both the FlatPacks and the Boxes.
If a CombiStore is ordered, the Dispenser, special scissors and content are supplied to the end customer at a special price (introductory phase).


Scope of product definition
The Dispensers were developed from the idea of a range of workshop products which we used to have on offer. The Dispensers make removing the materials easier, are more robust and, due to the different assembly options, are even more practical than the original version.
They promote a clean and orderly workplace and also increase on-the-job safety as the dispenser no longer has to be held when removing the materials.


Manufacturing method
The Dispensers are folded, stamped and lasered.


Field of application
All workplaces involving manual work, as well as workshops and assembly areas.


The enclosed assembly aids can be used to fix the Dispenser to the wall, to tables and to shelf edges (for M-Tech®F Boxes) or alternatively to anywhere on the work surface.


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