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Brass Foil

Brass foil in standard widths of 150 mm. These precision tapes are produced in coil formats with a cardboard core, and as standard products in cardboard boxes to satisfy small quantity requirements.


Blanks are available in addition to tapes. The standard format is 150 mm x 500 mm and these are supplied in units of 5 in one thickness in “FlatPacks” cardboard envelopes. We request that you inquire about different formats. All programmes are geared towards ultimate users and small quantity requirements. This is reflected in particular in the packaging, which has been optimized with a view towards handling and safety.


Material thicknesses:
The tapes can be supplied in the standard width of 150 mm, starting from 0.01 mm all the way through to 1.00 mm.

Material widths:
The standard width is 150 mm for most materials. Widths of 610 mm can also be offered in several material thicknesses, e.g. 0.05 mm and 0.075 mm.

Length and width of the tapes:
The standard tape length is 2500 mm.
Please ask about individual lengths and widths.

Self-adhesive metal films:
In the standard range, brass film is available as a self-adhesive product. The adhesive films are also designed for steel and higher energetic surfaces in the standard range. Product recommendations with adapted adhesive tapes are made for other surfaces.

Brass tape laminated into shims:
This material version is covered by the term Laminum®/M-Tech®L. It is a manually peelable laminated panel offered in standard formats of 600 mm x 1200 mm. The individual brass foil thicknesses are either 0.050 mm, 0.075 mm and 0,10 mm, composed together to become shim.


These products are used mainly for tolerance compensation in manual assembly processes. Depending on the connection joint, two-dimensional parts made of laminated sheet are adjusted to fit each joint by manually peeling of the layers. In this way, mechanical processing can be dispensed with to a great extent, thus lowering costs.

Punched products and blanks:
All material versions are processed into punched products by Georg Martin GmbH and can be requested from lot sizes of 1.


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