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Punched parts

Production of sheet metal parts from various materials:

  • various steel and NF metals
  • from St14 through stainless steel to micro-alloyed material
  • aluminium alloys
  • copper alloys
  • brass.

Production quantities range from one unit to large series.


The available versions are available on the one hand within the range of utilized materials:
Solid (Lamisol®), laminated (Laminum®) and bundled/edge bonded (Lamivario®) materials are used.

Product thicknesses vary on the other hand from between 0.025 mm (0.01 mm) and several millimetres. The parts dimensions range from approx. 5 millimetres and can extend beyond 1000 mm.


The restrictions lie in the production method. The main separation methods used are punching (conventional tools and nibbling) and shearing.
By using special tool technology, material thicknesses of up to approx. 0.025 mm can also be processed using these methods.


Production type
By means of our own tool-making capability, customer-specific parts can be produced quickly. In addition to this, tool solutions not specific to the parts can also be used for very small quantities.
Our “M-Tech®” sales department is responsible for the sale of purely punched parts.

If punched parts are to be combined with forming and shaping processes, this is the responsibility of the “Forming products” sales department.


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