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Georg Martin GmbH has its own construction team and its own tool-making team which prepares stamping and deep-drawing tools. In addition to tools for customers’ series products, they also manufacture parts for pre-productions and samples. An important task in this area is the support of our customers’ development departments in the implementation of new projects.

This task is achieved by nine specialists in the tool-making team and with two designers in the tool-construction team. Modern 3D CAD construction software (CATIA V5) is used to support the processes. If requested, our customer support service can actively support customers in this regard. Numerous ideas and suggestions from customers have been turned into real functional and cost-effective products in this way in the past.

The sheet-forming section has been expanded to include responsibility for

  • resistance welding
  • precision machining
  • flame-spraying
  • overall assembly of movable components.

This is then included in the design of complex components. Our partners carry out any processes we cannot perform in our own company: heat-treatment and surface treatment are conducted according to the function of the product and according to the customer’s wishes.


Our customers include the leading manufacturers of the German printing machine industry and suppliers to the automobile industry. Business relationships in some cases persist already since 50 years.


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M-Tech®F Metal foil tape

M-Tech®F-Metal blanks

M-Tech®F-Special scissors


Metal blanks and strips

Slotted shims

Manufacture of prototypes

Precision Sheet Metal Parts


Precision foils

Laminated shim stock


Self-adhesive metal foils

Self-adhesive metal strips

Selbstklebende Stanzteile

Stamped and deep-drawn parts

Stamping techniques

Punched parts

Tolerance compensation