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M-Tech®F (F for foil) covers metal foil tapes and sheet blanks in various thicknesses from 0.01 mm to 1.0 mm, and is a further development of Lamifol®.


There are three types of materials: brass, stainless steel and mild steel.

M-Tech®F is the simplest form of M-Tech® shims.
The products are suited for many different applications, in addition to being used as gauge tapes.


Self-adhesive designs are possible. Other dimensions can be ordered as well.


Scope of product definition
Three aspects differentiate M-Tech®F from other M-Tech® products:

  1. M-Tech®F products are the most flexible form of shim and, in addition to being used for tolerance compensation, can also be used in many other ways.
  2. The user must, however, shape the product himself.
  3. M-Tech®F standard products do not include laminated or bonded products; however, these shim tapes and shim blanks are also available in a self-adhesive design.

Manufacturing method
The foils and blanks are cut to size and packed using modern methods. This ensures that we meet corresponding demands regarding the quantity and handling of the materials.


Field of application
The possible uses of M-Tech®F metal blanks and metal foil tapes include:

  • machine alignment
  • tolerance compensation
  • templates
  • shields
  • model-making
  • prototypes
  • moulds
  • insulation
  • electrical conductors and shields
  • cladding for building and model-making
  • as a semi-finished product and many others.

M-Tech®F can be processed both by machine and manually with various different separation tools.

Manually: M-Tech®F special scissors for material thicknesses of up to 0.2 mm, otherwise cutters for corresponding material thicknesses.

By machine:

  • stamping
  • nibbling
  • laser cutting
  • water-jet cutting
  • milling or eroding

Products which could be used include among others the Fein Company’s sheet nibblers and sheet scissors (Fein UBS1.6(C).


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