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Stamped and deep-drawn parts

An abstract of this product area at Georg Martin GmbH:

  • Stamped and deep-drawn parts with high degrees of deformation
  • Micro-alloyed and heat-treatable steels are used in some extent
  • Follow-up processing into subassemblies through welding, machining and assembly of mechanical, movable components
  • Complex parts with high degree of accuracy required (gripping devices in sheet-fed offset printing machines in the printing sector and articulated shafts in vehicles)
  • Surface and heat treatment by partner companies
  • Coil widths of up to 330 mm
  • Stamping machines from 400kN (individual presses) up to 4000kN for compound and transfer processes, as well as for nibbling machines
  • Lot size range from approx. 1500 up to large annual lot sizes
    Online press-system monitoring
  • Our own tool-making team and our own 3-D CATIA construction team
  • Development support for the customers
  • Sample, pre-production and series production
  • Fine mechanic products with high quality demand in the matter of precision and reliability
  • 75 years of experience and service in the area of sheet forming


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Stamped and deep-drawn parts

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