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Deep drawing

Deep drawing is the cold-forming of metallic material; it is a sub-section of the so-called sheet-forming.

We describe sheet-forming as being the deep drawing and stamping of split strips and band steels. The materials range from DC04 to DC06 and also include higher-strength, micro-alloyed steels, heat-treatable strip stock. Non-ferrous and non-magnetic materials, for example stainless steel, brass and Titanium are also used as well. Deep-drawing and stamping are production methods which supplement one another within one set of tools. The maximum strip width is approx. 300 mm at a max. nominal press force of 4000 kN. These are transfer or compound parts.

For small series and series of smaller stamped products, we use presses down to a minimum 400 kN. For smaller lot sizes of two-dimensional workpiece geometries it is possible to use stamping-nibbling machines. As we have various types of presses with quick-action clamping systems, we can cater for lot sizes from a few thousand parts to approx. 1,000,000 parts annually.

More complex drawn and stamped parts are produced in series by our own construction team and our own tool-making team. We are therefore able, at the customer’s request, to supply tools, pre-productions and small series in this regard.
Specifically, small lot sizes can be produced cost-effectively via single-column and double-column presses.

Specific customer wishes are realised by incorporating construction advice regarding functionality, feasibility and economic efficiency. We are particularly successful in doing this as Georg Martin GmbH has a long tradition of producing multiple-part, complex components.

We also have the following possibilities at our company for further processing:

  • resistance projection welding
  • machining
  • flame-spraying
  • assembly
  • corrosion-protection applications

We can also heat-treat products and treat product surfaces through our collaboration with our partner


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