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Thin metal elements for the effective compensation of sub-assembly tolerances during assembly and maintenance.


The products manufactured by Georg Martin GmbH are spacer sheets for compensating manufacturing tolerances. In several cases, these elements are also used for sealing joints. These washers are made of various materials and come in different thicknesses. The products outlined here are usually customer-specific parts which deviate from the DIN standard.


Spacers/Washer variations
Unalloyed steel, stainless steel, brass and various aluminium alloys are used as standard materials. Possible material thicknesses range from 0.01 mm to several millimetres. Please refer to the product overview page for details of standard products. Please inquire about special materials and versions.


Small quantities (from 1 unit) can also be provided per order. Customer-specific washers can also be produced at a favourable price with non-product-specific tools. In addition to solid sheet metals, stacks of shims partially glued at the contour and layered sheets laminated over their full surface can also be supplied. You will find more information on this under Lamisol® (solid), Lamivario® (edged connected) and Laminum® (laminated).


Distinction of our spacers/washers
Our product range is different from the typical DIN-oriented mass-produced ring element assortments.


Production type
The production methods range from product-specific to product-independent tooling techniques. Stamping methods are used primarily for the production of washers, thus permitting very small to very large lot sizes. Our toolmaking and construction departments can provide assistance with specific requirements.


Area of application
Washers / shims can be used in all areas in which additional costs are incurred through the tolerances of sub-assemblies, joining and assembly processes. Other possible areas of use (e.g. sealing ring functions) can also be considered in several user-specific cases. If necessary fitting and alignment work cannot be eliminated by processing in advance, costs can be saved by using our washers and shims in all industrial, aerospace and aviation applications.


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