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Lamivario® is a versatile form of shim. It can consist of laminated, solid or so-called “edge-connected” variants.

Lamivario® describes a stack of solid shims, of the same basic geometric shape, which is bonded at points along the contour in accordance with the customer’s wishes. The result is similar e.g. to a writing pad which has been glued along the top edge. The advantage is that the individual layers do not have to be peeled off with a tool in order to achieve the desired component tolerance, but instead can be removed without any aids. The individual layers which are manually peeled off will not be damaged and can be reused as solid shims. By using Lamivario®, you know exactly how many foils you peel off. The overall thickness of Lamivario® can therefore be reduced step-by-step, in accordance with the thickness of the individual layer.

There are numerous variants of Lamivario®; however, there are two factors which they all have in common: all shim elements have the same geometric outer contour dimensions and all are made of metal. E.g.:

1.a Shim stack without bonding along the contour:
Loose solid shims (Lamisol®) are brought together with crêpe paper or wire straps to make a stack according to the customer’s requirements. The individual layers are usually separated by paper separating elements.

1.b A stack of solid shims supplemented with Laminum®.

2.a Shim packet with bonding or welding along the contour: comparable with example 1.a, but with a thin film of bonding agent or welding on the lateral edges which holds the individual layers together.
The layers can easily be removed by hand.

2.b This solution supplemented with solid, unbonded shims.

Scope of product definition
Lamivario® products constitute possible combinations of Laminum® and Lamisol®. The latter two do not fall within Lamivario® if they are simple laminated shim products or solid shims.

Manufacturing method
Lamivario® is mainly produced with stamping tools – these usually comprise block-cutting tools; non-specific tools are only used in exceptional cases.

Field of application
Lamivario® can be used, as with other M-Tech® products, for all applications involving tolerance compensation.

Compared with Laminum®, the handling of Lamivario® has been simplified considerably. No tools (e.g. knife) are required to peel off individual layers. The foils can easily be removed by hand, in order to compensate the required tolerance at the joint.


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