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Manufacture of prototypes

For production which requires stamping and drawing technologies, as well as derivative subassemblies, we offer the manufacture of prototypes and subsequent series production.

We employ our own construction team and our own tool-making team to ensure that such work can be processed rapidly. The construction team works with the 3D construction application CATIA. This enables the tool machining processes to be programmed quickly.
Our press capacities range from 40 t individual presses up to 400 t stamping machines.


Annual series lot sizes range between approx. 1,500 and 1,000,000 items.

In addition to pure sheet-forming, we are also able to carry out high-precision machining and welding in series (resistance welding). Subsequent assembly work enables complex, multiple-part products to be produced.
In addition to rotation-symmetrical parts which are focussed in particular on form elements, we also work on sheet-forming products which require high-precision subsequent processing.

To implement specific wishes regarding functions, movable function elements can also be inserted into parts. The overall assembly is carried out at our company.
Our production range also includes parts which are afterwards subjected to heat-treatment.


Coating: we collaborate with various contracted coating companies. On request, the coating can, however, also be carried out by companies chosen by the customer, in order to meet specific requirements.


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Manufacture of prototypes

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Self-adhesive metal foils

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