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Slotted shims

Slotted shims (or motor shims) are made of solid or laminated material. They serve to adapt motors with their drive shafts to the following drive line aggregates. The height compensation can be achieved simply by means of the manual alignment procedure on site.


Slotted shims are available in various designs.

  • Laminated: standard dimensions in accordance with DIN42673 and according to customer drawings
  • Solid: standard dimensions in accordance with DIN42673 and according to customer drawings
    Stacked: various different solid motor adjustment shims
  • edge bonded: motor shim sheets linked by being bonded together along an edge of the workpiece


  • Standard = brass
  • According to customer wishes = e.g. Aluminium Al99.5, Aluminium wrought alloy AlMg3.0, mild steel; stainless steel
  • Various different thicknesses upon request 

Scope of product definition
The motor shims given here are adapted by adding or removing sheet layers. There are no adjustable systems which work by means of spindles etc.


Manufacturing method
The manufacturing methods vary considerably according to material and lot size.
Generally speaking, individual stamping tools are used for larger lot sizes. The tool costs are paid off via a very reasonable parts price.Optimised tool combinations are also used for smaller lot sizes; in some cases, these tool combinations are completely unspecific. This means that it is possible to produce individual items, a popular option among customers.


Field of application
Motor shims are mainly used in assembly and in maintenance. Their use can be planned from the start or they can be used afterwards for fine adjustment.


The handling differs according to the type of motor shims. The specific application instructions are to be complied with in this regard; compare also the information under M-Tech®L, M-Tech®P and M-Tech®S.


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