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Lamisol® stands for solid shims. They are made of thin sheets or metal foils and for the tolerance compensation in the assembly.


The range of Lamisol® products is wide according to materials, thicknesses of material, and complexity of the external and internal contour.

Standard materials for Georg Martin GmbH comprise:

  • stainless steel
  • mild steel
  • aluminium 99.5
  • aluminium wrought alloy (AlMg 3.0)
  • brass
  • POM

Enquiries can be made about the possibility of using other materials e.g. copper alloys.
The material thicknesses range from 0.01 mm up to several millimetres. The specific possibilities must be checked depending on the particular parts. In order to achieve particularly exact material thicknesses, the parts are also grinded if necessary, particularly in connection with the creation of product ranges of ground, solid shims.


Scope of product definition
Lamisol® products are not, by definition, laminated material. Solid shims can, however, be combined with laminated material under the Lamivario® product range.


Manufacturing method
There are two basic methods of manufacturing Lamisol® parts:
a) using specific tools;
b) using non-specific tools.
For a), the manufacturing costs for smaller lot sizes are very favourable which means that the manufacture of a single item may still be attractive for a customer.
For b), there are additional tooling costs which are most likely to pay off via large lot sizes. Corresponding quantities result in a favourable unit price.


Field of application
Lamisol® products are generally used in joining or assembling components and aggregates.

A differentiation can be made between the following cases:
a) The solid shim will be used if the component tolerance which is to be compensated is known. It will be also grinded if necessary.
b) If the component tolerance is known roughly: in this case, several inserts will be combined in order to get closer to the compensation thickness step-by-step.


The Lamisol® product group is the simplest to handle from the M-Tech® product line.


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