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English Extract of AMS-DTL-22499

Please note: This is an extract of the original document and is destined to be used as a general overview for AMS-DTL-22499.



  • Composition 1 – Aluminium alloy
  • Composition 2 – Brass
  • Composition 3 – Corrosion resisting steel
  • Composition 4 – Carbon steel


  • Type I:  All laminations
  • Type II:  One-half solid shim stock


  • Class 1:  0.002 inch laminations
  • Class 2: 0.003 inch laminations

Construction and dimensions according to AMS-DTL-22499:

  • tolerance of width and length:  1/8 inch
  • thickness of finished shim stock according AMS-DTL-22499- Table II
  • laminations tolerance class:  1 or 2: 0,0002” resp. 0,0003”
  • thickness of bond: 0,0003”
  • peel-test limits:  specimen of size 1 by 12 inches: minimum 1 pound maximum 5 pounds (see ASTM D 903.)

First article inspection according to AMS-DTL-22499: 
2 x specimen / sample size: one inch × 12 inch strips of him stock

1. after cure or minium time of 8 hours after production (whichever comes first) test for peel quality: during peeling the laminations shall peel without separation of the remaining portion.

2. the thickness of the single laminations (+ / – 0,002” respectively 0,003”) and the bond layer (maximum 0,0003”).

3. Peel strength testing according ASTM D 903.


Quality conformance inspection according to AMS-DTL-22499:

  • Lot definition and consistance: same composition, type and class, nominal size and lateral dimensions. Manufactured under essentially the same conditions and submitted for acceptance at the same time.
  • Samples: statistical sampling according to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4
  • Verfiy: examination visual and dimensional compliance with the specification (s.o.).
  • Material inspection: deliver certificate of materials according to the Mil- specifications relevant for the respective material. (see AMS-DTL-2299 2.4)
  • Workmanship: clean, uniform in quality, free of defects causing reason for functional mal-performance.


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