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We use the term sheet-forming to describe the deep drawing and stamping of split strips and band steels. The materials range from DC04 and DC06 to higher-strength micro-alloyed steels and also include heat-treated steels.


The maximum strip width for working on the product is approx. 300 mm with a max. nominal press power of 4000 kN. We use presses of different design and nominal press power. The range begins at 400 kN with small double-column presses and goes as far as 4000 kN in the case of stamping machines for transfer and compound processes. Nibbling machines can be used for smaller lots with two-dimensional workpiece geometries.


As we have different types of presses with quick-action clamping systems, we produce lot sizes ranging from a few thousand to approx. 1,000,000 parts annually. We use our own construction team and our own tool-making team to produce more complex drawn and stamped parts in series. We provide design consultancy on functionality, feasibility and economic efficiency when processing special customer wishes.


Georg Martin GmbH also has the facilities to carry out the following procedures:

  • resistance projection welding
  • machining
  • flame-spraying
  • assembly and corrosion-protection applications

Via our partners, we can also carry out heat-treatment and surface treatment of products.


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Self-adhesive metal foils

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