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Information regarding video surveillance

Information on data collection

We use a video surveillance system on our company premises to monitor publicly accessible areas, especially outdoor areas around the entrances to the building. We process your personal data with regard to video surveillance primarily in the course of upholding our justified interests.

Legal basis of video surveillance

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data with regard to video surveillance is formed by the following provisions in particular:

  1. Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) for the upholding of a justified interest
  2. On the basis of Art. 88 GDPR in conjunction with Art.26 Para.1 Sentence 2 BDSG (new) or company agreements concluded accordingly

Our justified interests lie here in such matters as:

  • The establishment of security and order on the company premises (vandalism protection, householder’s rights)
  • The assertion, exercising and defence of legal claims
  • The avoidance of damage to and/or liability on the part of the company through the appropriate measures (protection of property)
  • Assurance of compliance with security regulations, conditions, industrial standards and contractual obligations, including the German Aviation Security Act as the AEO
  • The achieving of efficiency gains through the consolidation of services in individual group companies (in particular marketing, IT, company security, legal department)

Purpose of data collection

The purpose of video surveillance usually lies in the upholding of one of the justified interests listed above.

Storage period

Video data is stored for a period of one week before it is automatically deleted.

Data types processed by us

Visual data

Categories of recipient

  • Affiliated companies where applicable
  • Transfer to security service providers
  • Transfer to legal consultants for the preparation of legal measures
  • Transfer to criminal prosecution authorities