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Seperating Process

Laser cutting, CNC Stamping, Water jet cutting, Machining and many more


Bending, Punching, Deep drawing,
In-House Toolmaking


Bonding, Screwing, Riveting, Pressing

About Us

Shims and Forming Parts

from Georg Martin,

so that it suits you.

We have been manufacturing metallic shims for tolerance compensation as well as punched and deep-drawn parts for mechanical and plant engineering applications for more than 75 years.


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Overview of M-Tech® Products

We are your Partner

for a multifaceted spectrum,

a wide range of materials and batch sizes

DIN 988 Passscheiben nach Zeichnung

Precision shims

Flexible methods for the tolerance compensation in the component assemblies. An economical solution for the whole process chain.
Flache und dreidimensionale Produkte nach Ihren Vorgaben

Parts according to drawing

We manufacture flat and three-dimensional parts according to your specifications or we can be in charge in the development for you.

Synergieeffekte durch Anwendung von Lasern & Stanzen


We also integrate fine laser cutting as well as the cutting of sheet metals with thicknesses of up to 6 mm.

Sonderausführungen oder Industrie-Standardformate

M-Tech® Alignment shims

Special designs and industry standard formats in high quality

Unsere Kernkompetenzen der Stanz- und Umformtechnik

Forming technique

On the basis of our core competences of punching and forming technology

Unsere Kernkompetenzen der Stanz- und Umformtechnik

Standard solutions

In addition to our customer-specific products, we also have a large selection of standardized M-Tech® solutions in our portfolio

Services and Technologies

It's the


that Counts

The combination of the characteristics of a company makes all the difference. In order to be able to effectively meet customer requirements, we think along with you. Our customer service representatives and tool designers get through your requirements in order to implement them in the best possible way:
Diverse processes, materials and batch sizes and special processes.

Services & Technologies

  • Construction consultancy for product design
  • Prototypes
  • Process consultancy for shims


  • Laminum® laminated shim stock
  • Lamivario® shimming element
  • Steel, brass, composites
  • PET, POM

Machines & Processes

  • Laser cutting
  • Stamping & Forming technique
  • CNC-Stamping technique
  • Water jet cutting

Consulting service

Meet our

Sales Team

When manufacturing products, we draw internally from a wide variety of different processes. We establish for you which type of production is at optimal cost.

Michael Köstner

Technical Sales Manager

Nadine Berz

Technical Sales

Benjamin Klotzbücher

Sales Manager

Industry presence 2022

75+ Years of Experiences

Our spectrum of references comprises all essential areas of industry:

General machinery and equipment
General machinery and equipment
Automobile industry
Automobile industry
Drives & mobile machinery
Drives & mobile machinery
Aviation industry
Aviation industry
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Thousand order items p.a.
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Customer's review

& User experience

Stefan Birrer
Stefan BirrerBeutler Nova
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“Until recently, this step in the assembly process was still done with the help of solid steel plates which were painstakingly ground to the right size before fitting. With a processing time averaging two days, this was simply too long for us. Once we were able to establish feasibility using sample parts, we now only use multi-layer shims Laminum® to fit the linear guide units."
Professor Dr. Stephan Sommer
Professor Dr. Stephan SommerFH Würzburg-Schweinfurt
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“Getting close to the optimum preload extends the service life of the roller bearing. If you exceed the optimum, however, the service life curve drops sharply and premature failure results.
In light of this balancing act, some constructors and fitters prefer to play it safe and opt for clearance that is greater than necessary, which can reduce service life by up to 20 percent."
Tobias Osterhold
Tobias OsterholdTrumpf TruMatic 6000
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Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a construction that consists of components without tolerances. You can shrug your shoulders or develop a smart product that at least makes it easier to work with industrial realities.
The idea: Is a shim too thick, you simply peel off thin foils with the knife and it fits into the joint that needs to be compensated.


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We at MARTIN® also contribute to the process of exchange and therefore to the solution of problems. With our specialized products, which are often customized to a specific task, we are capable of promoting successful and profitable solutions.


So that the shafts are precisely aligned

Customized shim assortments from MARTIN simplify alignment work 📷 Example of a special sealing made of plastic Wherever precise alignment, levelling and compensation of shafts,


Precise axial play compensation in XXL format

MARTIN producing oversized shims for use in heavy-duty gearboxes   Precision shims from MARTIN’s Laminum® series are being recognized more and more in many sectors


Frequently asked Questions

We propose customers with materials with thickness starting from 0.005 mm for solid (Lamisol®) and edge-connected parts (Lamivario®). The smallest foil thickness for laminated parts (Laminum®) is 0.01 mm.

The standard delivery time is 20 working days for drawing parts. Express delivery is possible on request and will be examined individually for feasibility.

For an inquiry, we require:

  • Material quality
  • Total thickness (maximum gap)
  • Area of adjustment
  • Adjustment accuracy (single foil thickness)
  • Drawing as pdf / tif or dxf / dwg
  • Lot size / annual quantity
  • Dimensions + tolerances
  • Application case

We only require total thickness, adjustment range and adjustment accuracy for setting tasks.