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Edged-connected Shims: "Mini-Assembly-Kits"

The Lamivario® edge-welded, edge-bonded or bundled shims range includes products which involve the compilation of materials while still constituting one single tolerance compensation element.

Multi-layer products made of different materials and with different thicknesses are combined under the term M-Tech®P. The material structure and connection type can be determined by the customer here.

The following advantages can be realized using Lamivario® edge-connected shims:

  • The connection types of the material structure can be selected as desired. Typical examples here are edge-gluing, bundling (with and without cable ties) and spot-gluing between the layers. What they all have in common is the easy separation of the individual layers, thus permitting large and very small adjustment steps very quickly.
  • Layers that have been removed can be reused.
  • Different material thicknesses and/or types can be easily recognized by different colours.
  • Low-cost but corrosion-endangered materials can be protected by corrosion-free layers.
  • Because the layers can be pushed against one another, these shims also fit onto surfaces that are curved on one axis.
  • Impermeability can be achieved by using sealing compounds and adhesives.


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