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EU Promotion Programme Enables a Jump in Efficiency

We modernise production and achieve high CO2 reduction

To this end, we are supported by PIUS-Invest, the promotion programme for expanding production-integrated environmental protection and reducing CO2 emissions. It is being funded by the federal state of Hesse, the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

With the goal of living up to its ecological responsibility by means of a significant reduction of CO2 and waste, while strengthening its competitive position at the same time, MARTIN is fully in line with PIUS-Invest, the investment promotion programme of the state of Hesse for the expansion of production-integrated environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions in the company. To achieve this, we are realigning our processes in disposition, planning and production. This is being made possible by the investment in a new ERP/shop floor system and a modern transfer press. Whereas the new software serves the optimisation of processes, the new transfer press offers us an alternative to progressive die tooling.

“We will be focusing more and more on saving resources in order to make our contribution towards building up a sustainable economy in our state. Transfer production and the new ERP/shop floor system offer a lot of potential here,” says CEO Christoph Martin. In the manufacture of shims and spacers, a surface-optimised nesting of the blanks of different orders will produce a reduction in the semi-finished product requirement of almost 25%. In addition to this, material requirements in forming technology applications will be reduced by roughly 8% thanks to transfer production. As a result of these resource savings, we are reckoning with a reduction of annual CO2 emissions of around 300,000 kg. “We will therefore be able to work in a way that is more climate-friendly and saves resources,“ says Christoph Martin.

When implementing these measures, we place our trust in the know-how of the energy experts BEE and the funding of the PIUS-Invest investment programme with which the Minister of Trade and Industry of the State of Hesse is promoting production-integrated environmental conservation and the lowering of CO2 emissions within the company. We are linking with this the goal of advancing digitalisation in the company and implementing a variety of IoT and Industry 4.0 aspects. In this way, we are creating the option of expanding our market shares quite considerably in the area of shims as well as forming technology.



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