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Georg Martin​

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Over 75 years of experience, Georg Martin GmbH specializes in the manufacture and supply of various shapes and sizes of shims, notably laminated shims (Schichtblech), solid shims and edge bonded shims. We are the only manufacturer in Germany to process laminated shim stock, which is the raw material for laminated shims Laminum® and M-Tech®L. 

We serve a wide range of users, from complex aerospace projects and engineering assemblies to applications in drive technologies. Georg Martin also manufactures stamped, laser cut, punched and deep-drawn parts to meet the highest industrial demands, such as paper grippers in sheet-fed offset industries and power transmission parts in the automotive sector. 

We have toolmakers and other highly skilled staff who specialize in developing die components. We design complex forming tools by using CAD/CAM. Working as a team, our 100 staff members ensure the cost-efficient production of high-quality parts. 

Certificates of Quality: 

  • AS9100:D (EN 9100)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IQNET ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015

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Georg Martin​

Peeling-off Film

This film shows how to peel off stamped layered metal sheets. Proper peeling is very important for the simple and safe handling of the products to suit their intended purpose.

Brass, steel and stainless steel laminates, CNC-stamped:

The stamp indent is a very good place to scratch the edges of the layers with a knife before peeling them off.
It is very important to scratch the stamp indent from the deburred side, otherwise considerable difficulties can arise when peeling. This also means that you are peeling from the “wrong side” and an additional burr is produced every time a layer is peeled off.

Deburred products:
Products which were deburred on the outer contour are differentiated as follows:

1. If the shims have been completely deburred, which is often the case with aluminium, brass and PET, peeling can be done from the top or bottom.

2. With normal and stainless steel in particular, drill holes can also be stamped. This produces a stamp indent radius and it is then important to peel from the correct side. Identification is facilitated by a marking on the side that is not to be peeled.

PET can be a special case when scratching the edges as the lightly laminated PET types in particular can be easily peeled using the fingers only. This can also be the case with the versions with normal lamination too, depending on the strength of the adhesive.

General rules:

To ensure clear differentiation, it is always advised to write the article number on each product.
Alternatively, the peel-off side can be marked with a stamped on “peeling curl”.


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Georg Martin​

M-Tech®L PET

The video shows the advantages of PET laminate and demonstrates the peeling of a shim with high peel resistance.

Very lightly laminated PET shims which can be peeled without tools can be used for applications where PET products do not have a sealing function or have a low flexural strength.


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