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Peeling File

The new and patented further development of a file into a peeling file is the key here.

1. The top layer is raised very easily by “brushing” the first layer loose against the direction of the file cut. If an additional layer detaches itself at the same time, it can simply be smoothed over. This is permissible when adjusting spacings. Mechanics learn this quicker than the technique required for a peeling knife, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

2. The patented spatula shape of the file tip has a blunt blade which is narrow enough to further raise exposed films.

3. Several layers can be brushed loose simultaneously, but there are restrictions depending on the material.

4. Use of the peeling file is recommended for all M-Tech®L materials with the exception of the Al99,5 aluminium type, which has been replaced by the harder AlMg2,5 material and is now only authorized for old constructions.


Peeling gloves protect against injuries on the one hand, and they allow you to peel of M-Tech®L laminated shims much faster on the other.

Film on Peeling

The main purpose of this film is to demonstrate the proper handling of M-Tech®L and Laminum® laminated shims.


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