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Laminated Peelable Shims Laminum® shims can be punched, nibbled, machined and wire-eroded. The cutting speeds, web widths of the product


Laminated peelable shims

When assembling components, tolerances can be compensated quickly and easily using Laminum® shims.

Although the Laminum® looks and feels like a solid shim, it is a fully layered product laminated over its entire surface. To fulfill its purpose as a precise spacer element, it can be peeled off by hand layer by layer. The wafer-thin shims are not intended for any other purpose after peeling.


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Choice of shims
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Determining the thickness
The theoretical maximum gap between the components is decisive for determining the thickness of the shim. A little should be added to this theoretical value before selecting the corresponding shim thickness.


Example, if the theorectical thickness ist 3.1 mm, we can choose the thickness of 3.2 mm.
In practical applications, these values are measured with the help of a feeler gauge or by embossing the component tolerance on to the material.  Contact Mr. Michael Köstner


Determining the material
Different material types in 3 different foil thicknesses can be selected from the shim range. In addition to the commonly used materials mild steel, stainless steel, and brass. An  aluminium wrought alloy is also available, the strength of which is similar to that of steel shims. 

A knife or a file can be used to catch the edge of the shim backing film. Scrape along the rounded punched edge, then try tp peel the top film in a lifting motion. Working safetly and speed can both be improved by wearing gloves to perform this task. M-Tech® gloves provide increased protection against cuts and greater sensitivity when handling these extremely thin metal films.

The gloves and the knife can be ordered as accessories. The peeling instructions provide a better understanding of the peeling process. Our materials are constantly checked for their good peeling properties. The instructions are available in the follwing formats.

Laminum® shims can be punched, nibbled, machined and wire-eroded. The cutting speeds, web widths of the product (approx. twice the thickness of the material) and processing forces must be adjusted to suit the material.

The shims do not permit any curved surfaces. These shims cannot normally be used on curved surfaces. Laminum® tapered shims can be used to fill uneven gaps. It is best if the shims are always completely covered by the components, otherwise film particles can detach themselves during unfavourable, long-term load processes. Please see the following section on pressure types.

Load tests should be conducted on a case-by-case basis at temperatures above 80°C (Laminum® PET) and otherwise at temperatures above 120°C. Please ask our sales team for more details.  Team

As a rule, this shim should always be kept under initial tension. Static and dynamic loads are both possible, but the strength values for the shim can only be determined for static loads. Dynamic loads, such as impact strokes where there is no initial tension at times, are not advisable. Lamisol® materials (solid shims) should be used here.
An overview of the precise base materials for immediate layers is listed here.
 Material List Lamisol®


Because shims are more flexible than solid materials they can have damping effect in several cases. Their elasicity limit (Rp0.2) lies just below that of hard-rolled sheet steel of the same thickness, however. This means that it is possible to use them in most applications – even under heavy loads. In special instances, testing on the customer’s premises is recommended on a case-by-case basis.

You will find an overview of the results of material strength testing in two tables, subdivided by the thickness of the individual metal films in the laminated shim.


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