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Precision shims

The Shims - The Concepts

Flexible methods for the tolerance compensation in the component assemblies. An economical solution for the whole process chain.

Shims for tolerance compensation have been a speciality at MARTIN® for more than 50 years. We are the sole manufacturer in Germany for the Laminum® (formerly M-Tech®L) laminated shim stock.

In line with this concept, it is the shims which enable and considerably improve the entire process chain. This process begins with construction, continues through purchasing and logistics and ends with the manufacture of the actual sub-assembly and its subsequent installation.

Various materials and material structures can be selected, depending on the application. The following key points are important for profitable operation on a routine daily basis.

There are 6 main arguments in favour of using shims.
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By using shims, the individual components of sub-assemblies can be produced with less precise tolerances:
– Less expense, time and effort in the manufacture of components.
– The problem of cumulative tolerance can be easily solved subsequently using shims and spacers. Several joint surfacees can be constructed with a bigger tolerance.

The other general advantages lies in the fact that, with the availibility of the compensation elements, processing time is saved when the components are assembled:

– No need to transport the component to a stationary machine.

– No need to consider machine capacity limits; on-time readiness.

– Independence in regard to the location when setting the tolerance in both the OEM and MRO areas.

– Components do not have to be sorted and classified by tolerance in advance prior to subsequent installation. In this way, the manual assembly result is achieved quicker through precisely fitting shims.

The material structure of the shims (laminated, solid, packaged) is selected to suit the compensation task. In addition to satisfying technical requirements, the motivation of the user can also be boosted in this way.
– The coordination task can become easier from the user’s point of view depending on the material structure selected.

Easier logistics and handling will specially have effect on the maintenance process.

The shim is defined with the help of a drawing of the joint in order to meet the requirements of the user and adapt to the properties of the joint and surrounding areas. By doing so, fitting problems are avoided and thereby waiting times during maintenance work too. The edge-glued shims in particular are well-suited as “mini assembly kits”, especially in the course of assembly work performed by the customers themselves.

Supplied as a single article, packaged as well as laminated shims substitute any number of solid fitting elements of different thicknesses. The highly flexible M-Tech® solution reduces search work and makes checks of available stocks easier, thus avoiding down time in assembly.

After the 5 measures mentioned previously,

– Costs of investment in machines will be reduced.

– Time and effort for logistics, purchasing and production planning will be decreased.

– Shorter assembly times enable faster receipt of payment, thus making the optimum use of shims in the mounting of sub-assemblies a practical lean production tool.


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