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M-Tech® - Competences

Our products and services can offer more to your supply chain.

M-Tech® stands for MARTIN technology, products and services. For a long time now, our solutions have comprised not only products but also consulting and logistical offers. When manufacturing products, we draw internally from a wide variety of different processes. We establish for you which production type produces the best value for money. 

In addition to this, we see ourselves as your partner and adviser for your coordination processes in the assembly phase. The focus here is on tolerance compensation with a large number of product solutions. We also map out the advantages and disadvantages for your entire process chain.
In the area of formed parts and sub-assemblies, we share the development work with you and allow our long years of construction know-how to flow into the process in order to achieve cost advantages or weight savings.

We also support your supply chain with a number of different options for making handling easier for you, be it by enabling special final customer packagings, taking on kitting tasks or offering VMI or EDI.

M-Tech® services and products contribute more to your supply chain.


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