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Information from employees

Information on data processing

We would like to inform our employees here about how we handle their personal data within the scope of the employment relationship.

Purpose of data collection

During the period of your employment, your personal data is processed mainly for the execution or termination of the contractual relationship, including the tasks involved in each job. Other purposes can be processing to comply with legal regulations (incl.the rights to information of third parties) or measures to promote corporate development or communication.

Data types processed by us

We process the following personal data within the scope of your employment relationship:

  • Applicant data; name, date of birth, CV, nationality/work permit etc. for the hiring and selection process,  recruitment and termination management
  • Private contact data: address, telephone number, e-mail
  • Work contact data; e.g. telephone numbers, e-mail, workplöace, job description
  • Photo data; photo for identification purposes and inclusion in business events
  • Identifications/payment data; ID card data or work permit to identify and establish the legitimacy of employment, place of birth, marital/parenthood status, tax identification number, health insurance fund membership, wage tax class, allowances, religion for church tax, account number, attachment of wages if applicable (for the purpose of wage accounting and fulfilment of social insurance, tax and legal obligations etc)
  • Health data; e.g. within the scope of wage/salary accounting for settlement with a health insurance fund or occupational insurance association or within the scope of our legal obligations as an employer, such as occupational integration management or the fulfilment of obligations in the protection of the handicapped or within the scope of self-regulation, such as industrial safety or examinations by the works physician
  • Time recording and access data; leave periods, working hours accounts, shift schedules where applicable, closing times and access protocols etc
  • Personnel screening data; (e.g. good conduct certificate, background check within the scope of AEO certification)
  • Data on suitability and performance/behaviour control; basic and further training information, data for the purpose of measuring the achievement of goals, e.g. for variable remuneration shares, data on infringements of the highway code (“tickets”)
  • Other personnel administration data: spare-time jobs, data on occupational health care and health management, industrial safety, the extent of any severe disability, driving licence holder, employee surveys where applicable, data on suggestion management and employee inventions

Categories of recipient

We will forward your personal data to the following recipients in order to fulfil legal obligations, for example, or obligations arising from the employment relationship:

  • Banking and financial service providers, as well as service providers to calculate pension provisions where applicable
  • Service providers for the accounting of wages (tax advisers), auditors, service companies for information and communication technology, software and equipment maintenance companies, service providers for restructuring in the personnel area
  • Health, social, pension and accident insurance providers, as well as other insurance companies and the providers of capital-forming benefits
  • Authorities such as tax authorities, social insurance, employment agencies, security, health and road traffic authorities if necessary, or related fines, customs authorities and monitoring bodies for illicit work and minimum wage; other authorities
  • Works medical service
  • Companies affiliated under corporate law (group companies) with joint responsibility:

inquiries about the essential contents on the ruling concerning tasks relating to the rights of affected persons can be forwarded to the listed contact address but according to Art. 26 Para. 3 GDPR, these rights can be claimed by affected persons in all companies involved

  • Garnishees in the event of wage attachment; liquidator in the event of personal bankruptcy
  • Business partners and customers (work contact data), temporary employment agencies

Legal basis for processing

It goes without saying that we adhere to applicable law when processing your personal data, so processing is only done on a legal basis. The following legal foundations in particular are given due consideration:

  1. Art. 26 German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG in the version of 25.05.2018 or later) to the extent necessary to implement the employment relationship or clarify concrete suspicion of criminal acts
  2. Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. a) on the basis of consent from you; consent of this kind is fundamentally not required, however, for the conclusion or continuation of a contract
  3. Art. 6 Para. 1 lit.b) for the justification, execution and termination of a contractual relationship
  4. Art. 6 Para. 1 lit.c) for the fulfilment of a legal obligation
  5. Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) for the upholding of a justified interest
  6. Art. 88 GDPR on the basis of collective agreements (in-house agreements)

If we process your personal data within the scope of our justified interests, the reasons lie in:

  • The conducting of electronic access checks
  • The optimization of personnel planning
  • The achieveing of efficiency gains through the consolidation of services in individual group companies (in particular marketing, IT, procurement)
  • The assurance of compliance with security regulations, conditions, industrial standards and contractual obligations
  • The assertion, exercising or defence of legal claims, incl. data on the documentation of the flow of benefits
  • The avoidance of damage to and/or liability on the part of the company by means of the appropriate measures
  • The conducting of in-house information and communication measures
  • Reporting on company information

You have the right to object to the processing of personal data within the scope of justified interests for reasons resulting from your special situation. We will then cease to process your data unless we can produce evidence of compelling reasons worthy of protection which outweigh your interests, rights and liberties, or the processing of the data serves the purpose of the assertion, exercising or defence of legal claims.

Data collected by third parties

We collect data on wage accounting via the Electronic Wage Tax Criteria (ELSTAM) which provides us with the necessary financial administration means for correct accounting. This affects the wage accounting data listed below.

Storage period

Once each purpose has been met, your data is usually deleted after 6 or 10 years under observance of the legal retention periods, but this can be as long as 30 years or more with various data categories, such as occupational pension schemes.

Note: The overarching information can be found on our main data privacy page.