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Standard Solutions

Slotted Shims

Shims in standard format for motor adjustment

Whether assembling or repair process, the use of precise metallic shims at the point of assembly offers advantages in both instances.

Positive effects can be identified in peripheral manufacturing processes and with the product itself.

Peripheral Advantages:
• Lower machine configuration costs: avoid extensive mechanical measures when adjusting components prior to assembly.
• Lower component costs: tolerances on the components themselves can be increased by using shims, thus reducing production costs.
• Shorter processing times: the adjustment elements are available at the point of assembly. This means shorter logistical processes during the manufacture of the components, because machine processing is reduced or avoided altogether.
• Simple handling enhances user satisfaction: the selection of the suitable material type – M-Tech®L, M-Tech®S or M-Tech®P – produces individual handling benefits.

Advantages of the metallic shims: 
• Low price and fast combination of coarse and fine shims: The time required for the adjustment process can be reduced by combining solid and laminated shims. Thanks to its specific format, which is similar to that of a tear-off calendar, M-Tech®P in particular facilitates fast tolerance compensation. Both removed and remaining elements can be used.
• Precise adjustment of dimensions: the foil thickness determines the adjustment step. Tolerances can be compensated precisely up to 0.05 mm, depending on the product.
• Different base materials: You can choose between stainless steel and brass with M-Tech®L and M-Tech®S. M-Tech®P comes in stainless steel.


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