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Brand Alignment – Laminum®, Lamivario® and Lamisol®

We have been working the market together for many years now and can look back on a long history stretching back over decades in many cases. We are delighted about this long period of success. Over the last 10 years, a brand mix has resulted which we are now about to rectify. This brings us to our first bit of good news:


The Lami family is making a return!


MARTIN is clarifying the brand names, because logical questions have arisen with regard to M-Tech®L and Laminum®. It is also the right time for a realignment, as the different international options for registering brands require the appropriate action.


A brand family is being created which unites Laminum®, Lamisol® and Lamivario®.


It is important to understand that the Lami names cannot stand alone from a linguistic point of view. They define a material type (Lamisol®) and material compound structures (Lamivario®, Laminum®). It is only the combination of the material type and product itself that conveys the product definition completely. An example of this is a Laminum® Shims, i.e. a shim made from laminated, peelable layers of sheet metal. The equivalent designation for semi-finished products is a Laminum® sheet.


The Lami family supersedes the cryptic M-Tech® letter suffixes L, S and P. At the same time, this brand family clearly communicates the triad of the material types used for shims, while also bridging the gap into the past. Georg Martin acquired the license for Laminum® in 1956 and established it in the market with great success over many years.


The M-Tech® brand name is still available to ensure a sufficiently flexible brand structure. On the one hand, M-Tech® stands for Martin technology: as the top brand, it combines not only products but services too. As the Lami family is sufficiently independent, it does not have to be preceded by M-Tech® in everyday use. With all other products, however, a combination of M-Tech® and the customer product name will be included in all written correspondence. As an example you can take M-Tech® Closure Cap or M-Tech® Soldering Foil.


The fact that M-Tech® also covers the service area shows that MARTIN® is not only a product supplier but also a widely diversified service provider. For reasons of international trademark rights, all standard product assortments will continue to be marketed under the M-Tech® name: Alignment Shims, Slotted Shims, Ball Bearing Shim Rings and Metal Blanks and Tapes. This means, on the daily communication, the naming of M-Tech® standard products will be composed as such, for example M-Tech®S Alignment Shims or M-Tech®L Ball Bearing Shim Rings etc.

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