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New opportunities for parts formed in thin sheet metal

Parallel to the implementation of some groundbreaking investments in production technology, supplier MARTIN is expanding its range of high-quality thin sheet metals. A few days ago, the specialist for innovative shims and formed products included numerous stainless steel films in various thicknesses in the hundredths of a millimetre range in its range of products and services. By doing so, the company is creating new opportunities for its customers to realize demanding formed sheet metal part solutions with thicknesses of 5.0 micrometers to 12 millimetres across all materials groups.

Low-burr flat parts for precision engineering, high-precision shims for tolerance compensation, sensitive membranes for fluid technology, ultra-fine filter and sieve fabric, metallic inlaid elements or sliding plates and wear protection – these are only a few examples from the long list of supplier parts made from thin and ultra-thin steel and metal films produced by MARTIN. The medium-sized company is regarded as a proven specialist for the manufacture of small and large quantities of demanding formed sheet metal parts for use in numerous key sectors of industry. The main buyers of MARTIN components and sub-assemblies include – among many others – companies active in the fields of drive technology, automotive and vehicle construction, aviation and aerospace and the mechanical engineering sector, power station and automation technology, medical technology and paper machine construction.

To give the constructors and developers in these fields even more leeway to realize high-quality thin sheet metal products, the company has once again supplemented its choice of materials by including stainless steel films with thicknesses in the hundredths of a millimetre range. This means that there are now a total of twelve films with thicknesses ranging from 0.005 to 0.09 mm to choose from. In addition to this, some more spring hinges and other stainless steel materials in 1.4548 17-4 PH quality have been included in the standard product range. This means that MARTIN currently processes metal films made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass and copper in thicknesses ranging from 5.0 µm to 12 mm, thus covering an enormous bandwidth of options for the manufacture of coated and uncoated precision and fine-blanked parts for innovative applications.

Cost-optimized production

As the company is currently implementing a comprehensive investment and modernization programme at its main plant in Dietzenbach in the state of Hesse, it will be able to offer its products and services far more efficiently and economically in future. This means among other things that flexibility with regard to lot sizes will be improved even further. As CEO and proprietor Christoph Martin remarks: “We will be in a position then to manufacture for our customers in all areas of thin sheet metal working and produce individual parts according to drawings, as well as handling the large series that are customary in the automotive industry, for example. Our in-house toolmaking capability for stamping technology complements our modern production technologies in the ideal manner in areas such as laser and water jet precision cutting. We can generate individual, cost-optimized processes for every customer and every lot size”. 

Ever thinner wall thicknesses

With the expansion of its thin sheet metal range to include stainless steel films with thicknesses of hundredths of a millimetre, MARTIN is also responding to cross-sector mega trends, such as lightweight construction and miniaturization, because where components get smaller and smaller and demands for weight-optimized construction get louder and louder, the wall thicknesses of each individually moulded part have to be reduced too. The thin sheet metal moulded parts produced by MARTIN for the compensation of bearing play and tolerances already provide ample proof of this, as do the high-precision shims and precision components for mechanical engineering, automotive and aviation applications.