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New Guillotine Shear Increases Availability

MARTIN improves level of automation and ergonomics in laminated sheet processing

After investing in a new transfer press and modern ERP system in mid-2020, supplier MARTIN has now put a fully automatic edge trimmer with hydraulic guillotine shear into operation.


By doing so, the specialists for innovative shims and formed parts have consistently furthered the automation of their sheet metal working processes. All of the company’s laminated sheet metals can be cut and stacked quickly, virtually burr-free and with repeatable precision in the new system. The customer benefits from this through the enhanced availability and delivery capacity of laminated sheet metal products from MARTIN.

📷 With their new, fully automatic IMEC edge trimming system, MARTIN can process rectangular metal sheets with thicknesses of 0.50 - 4.00 mm and edge lengths of up to 1,300 mm ergonomically, quickly and with repeatable precision.
📷 Cut and stacked with high precision and virtually burr-free, MARTIN produces metal sheets made of steel, stainless steel, brass or aluminium on its new edging system.

Ergonomic and with repeatable precision
The procurement of the new edging system marks a new chapter in MARTIN’s continuous improvement process, in the course of which the company has increased the level of automation of its sheet metal working as well as optimizing ergonomic workplace conditions for its personnel. “Manually loading, shifting and stacking the laminated metal sheets, which weigh up to 25 kg each and usually measure 1,200 x 600 mm, was always an extremely physically demanding and unpopular task.


Thanks to the automated handling technology of the new system, it has now disappeared completely from our production process,” explains CEO Christoph Martin. The laminated metal sheets are now cut and stacked with minimum manpower deployment and maximum repeatable precision.

In addition to this, utilization of the edge trimming system has two other positive effects: the time and effort required for the subsequent processing of the metal sheets is reduced on the one hand, thus making an important contribution towards the optimization of the entire added value process. On the other hand, it also enhances MARTIN’s production flexibility, as various edging shapes and forms can be realized very easily thanks to the operator-friendly system controls.


“Although the manufacturer configured the system for us on the basis of a standardized edge-cutting length of 1,300 mm, we can also produce smaller end products with it by making simple program changes, or only trim the edge of the laminated metal sheets on one side instead of all the way round on all four sides,” explains Christoph Martin.

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