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Alignment Shims – Additional benefits for users

Alignment Shims

With their new M-Tech® alignment shims and assorted shim kits, MARTIN is targeting all users for whom the alignment and compensation of shafts, bearings and assembly units is a daily task. The range comprises a large selection of shims, eight sturdy case models and matching refill packs. MARTIN is also producing additional customer advantages with various non-standard ranges that offer lower costs, reduced weight, fewer parts and easier handling.

Handling tolerance compensation elements of this kind is all part of the daily routine of manufacturers and suppliers of drive systems in the course of exchanging components, maintenance and repair. For this reason, MARTIN primarily targets these user groups with their new M-Tech® alignment shims and assortment kits, which can be customized to suit individual requirements. The customer can choose between five cases with standard assortments, two cases with the designation “light” and an empty case with free slots which can be filled as desired. All of the standard assortments consist of solid stainless steel shims with different compositions designed to satisfy the most common practical requirements. They contain up to 780 shims and weigh up to 26 kg. The lighter and smaller “light” cases contain a smaller number of special steel or polymer shims.

Wide range of applications

The five standard versions of the new M-Tech® shim kits from MARTIN come filled with shims of the type M-Tech®S (solid) in material thicknesses of 0.025 to 2.00 mm. They vary in the number – between 380 and 780 units – and size of the shims (edge lengths 50, 75, 100 and 125 mm). Equipped in this way, they cover a large range of common alignment and compensation tasks.

MARTIN’s “light” cases are more specifically equipped. One of them contains a selection of edge-welded, multi-layer M-Tech®P and solid M-Tech®S shims made of stainless steel, with the multi-layer shims covering various equalizing distances, thus enabling high-precision adjustment. In another example, the selection comprises plastic shims of the types M-Tech®L (multi-layer laminated, manually peelable) and M-Tech®S (solid). This puts more focus on tasks where the user can work with lightweight compensation elements or where the properties of polymer shims are required (corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, vibration absorption). In both instances, the user benefits from only having to carry around a reduced number of shims. Each of the “light” kits contains 165 shims with edge lengths of 50, 75 and 100 mm. Peelable shims of the types Laminum®HP3 (wrought aluminium alloy) and HP1 (stainless steel) are available exclusively as refill packs.

One alignment shim for various heights

MARTIN’s multi-layer, non-standard M-Tech® alignment shims in particular enable the realization of slim and reasonably priced production concepts. It is no longer necessary to carry around a variety of different shims in order to align a joint, because one multi-layer, non-standard alignment shim per joint in combination with two solid standard shims is sufficient.

In addition to the new M-Tech® alignment shims and shim kits, MARTIN can produce shims according to drawings in virtually all materials. In this way, the functional advantages of multi-layer alignment shims can be transferred to rings, round blanks and other free forms. As the shims do not then have to be sanded, there is an immediate reduction in downtime.