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Laminum® HP1 shims, Innovation of the material structure

Tolerance co

mpensation in the assembly of components can be optimized to 25 micrometres with the new, high-precision shim from Georg Martin GmbH that goes by the name of Laminum® HP1.

Laminum® HP1 from is tailor-made for simple, high-precision compensation and alignment in the assembly of components. The special feature of these stainless steel spacer shims is the combination of severable peelable foil layers, each with a thickness of  0.05 millimetre and a final high-precision film with a thickness of a mere 0.025 millimetre. This so-called joker foil serves as a kind of final step in the manual fine adjustment process, where tolerances in the 2.5 hundredths range have to be compensated.

The new Laminum® HP1 combined solution is a time and cost-optimized alternative to a spacer shim laminated entirely with 0.025 millimetre foil layers, because the manufacturing costs are lower than with fully coated 0.025 millimetre shims. Laminum® HP1 also helps the user to achieve the desired objective more quickly because the ‘thicker’ 0.05 mm films can be peeled off much faster.

Another advantage is that the practical utilization of the Laminum® HP1 in the assembly of components is simplified because the 25µ film (unlike the adjacent 50µ films) has a small, slightly raised finger lift which allows you to recognize the joker foil immediately and pull it off manually with the peeling knife, similar to the lid of a yoghourt tub!