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Lamivario® – Spot bonded shim from Georg Martin GmbH

Lamivario® is a further development of laminated shims made of metal and/or composites according to customer’s specifications. The bonding takes place on one point of gluing, which is applied centrically between the individual layers. The cohesion of Lamivario® shims is thus appropriate for transportation and handling.

• Adaptable to curved surfaces
• Possibility to combine different foil thicknesses in one shim
• Possibly to combine materials between metal, PET, CFC and GFC
• Foils are seperable without tool
• Rapidity in handling
• No risk of injury
• Reusable of the separated foils
• Adhesive system is based on conventional epoxy resins
• Additional functions, e.g. corrosion protection, electrical insulation, low density, adjusting accuracies up to 0.01 mm

Lamivario® can be used anywhere where there are high demands on low density and pressure rigidity. Rapidity and precision while assembling are combined with new variants of characteristics as different materials can be combined together: e.g. low weight and high stiffness, curved surfaces and high temperature resistance etc. The variable structures of the Lamivario® shims facilitate employment in transmission and equipment construction, aerospace and mobile machines.