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M-Tech®P – Edge bonded shims in CFC

M-Tech®P-CFC1 is a further development of edge-bonded shims made of composite material PREPREG HX50 HS 120g 1K 2X2T. The edge bonding is made in accordance with customer's specifications at the edge of the foils and resembles a book spine. The cohesion of M-Tech®P-CFC1 edge bonded shim is thus appropriate for transportation and handling.


  • Adaptable to curved surfaces
  • Possibility to combine different foil thicknesses in one shim
  • Possibility to combine materials between metal, PET, CFC and GFC
  • Foils are seperable without tool
  • Rapidity in handling
  • No risk of injury
  • Reusable of the separated foils
  • Adhesive system is based on conventional epoxy resins
  • Additional functions, e.g. corrosion protection, electrical insulation, low density, adjusting accuracies up to 0.01 mm