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Laminated shim from Mylar®

Georg Martin GmbH presents the first non-metallic laminated shims M-Tech®L PET. They are particularly suitable for the use in lightweight structures and mechanical assemblies, in which the electrical insulation is especially involved.

The new laminated shim by Martin® is made of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Mylar® from DuPont® and consists layers of 0.1 mm laminated plastic foils.

The PET is characterized by:

  • high tensile strength
  • tear resistance
  • chemical, mechanical and thermal stability
  • low density of about 1.3 kg /dm3 and is counted among the surface insulating of the class B (up to 130°C)
  • good electrical insulation (dielectric strength approximately 180 V/µm)

Moreover, M-Tech®L PET by Georg Martin GmbH is extremely light, heat and cold resistant and is recommended as an Ideal light-weight solution for construction design in which different functional units must be electrically insulated. A central aspect in the development of new plastic shims was the easy handling of the peeling film. M-Tech®L from Mylar® can be peeled easily and accurately with two fingers. Unlike steel, aluminum or brass, the individual foil can be also reused after peeling.

Especially in automotive, aerospace, electrical and measuring techniques, there are numerous applications for M-Tech®L from Mylar®. Another typical application is the flange insulation in the construction of generators and transformers which Mylar® shims perform here the dual function, as tolerance compensation and the insulating effect!